Struggling to plan your social content?

We'll solve that with customizable social media content for your nonprofit delivered right to your inbox each month.

Join the Social Media Content Curator for Nonprofits! 

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Your social media channels are your storefront...

Does your social media content resonate with your audience to grow a meaningful and engaged following?

Years ago, my very first job was working at a nonprofit with a team of four. I wore multiple hats and social media was one of them. With a $0 budget for social media, finding quality content was often difficult. 

Now, as a digital consultant and coach for nonprofits, I hear the same thing.

I realized this is a problem that hasn't been solved in over 10 years!   

Something has to change.

Introducing...The Social Media Content Curator for Nonprofits!

For $47 per month you'll receive:

  • A content calendar designed specifically for nonprofits with sample post ideas
  • 5 customizable Canva templates
  • 20 sample captions
  • Access to a community of likeminded content creators to share ideas, challenges, and collaborate

Ready to join?


Hi, I'm Dana!

I've worked in the digital and social media space for 10 years.

I started Positive Equation nearly 3 years ago to work with nonprofits and purpose-driven brands on creating digital strategies, building content plans, and implementing fundraising tactics that create meaningful impact. 

I understand what it's like to have a social media budget of zero and a team of one. 

I've worked with Movember, Dress for Success, Hashtag Lunchbag, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Unseen, and many more incredible organizations on their digital strategies.

Regardless of the $$ you have or the size of your team, each month of content is curated specifically for nonprofits to download, add your special flare, and GO!

Social media consultant Dana Bakich


  • How does it work?
    • You'll receive a login that will provide access to a portal that will hold all of the monthly content. You'll be able to download all of the templates and photos. The captions are made to be edited and used with any piece of content!  
  • When will I receive the content?
    • If you're a monthly member, your content will be delivered on the 25th of each month. If you're an annual member, you receive your content on the 15th, providing you 2 weeks to plan out your content.
  • How are the images delivered?
    • You'll have a login to download your images. Custom image collections have been created for you to download each month for full commercial or noncommercial use.
  • What's Canva?
    • Canva is an incredible design platform to create high quality graphics at any skill level. They have a free version and Nonprofit plans.  This is where you'll be able to upload and edit your monthly templates and photos.
  • Can I buy just the captions, calendar or images? 
    • No, the bundle is designed specifically to be utilized together to create the most impact.
  • What if the images don't work for me?
    • Totally get it! You might have a campaign running or specific focus for the month. That's why I've created templates that you can customize and add in your own images OR use the social media content calendar with the sample ideas to create your own images.
  • Does everyone receive the same images?
    • Yes, but each organizations will edit and use images differently. From different filters, to copy placed on top, images are transformed to fit the cause's need.
  • I have more questions!

Monthly Member

$47 Monthly


  • 20 captions done-for-you so you can save time and click “send” while enjoying your morning cup of joe 
  • 5 Canva templates primed and ready to make you a graphic designer extraordinaire 
  • 1 content calendar jam-packed with engaging content ideas 
  • 1 Facebook family to join - sharing successes and challenges with your peers
  • Access to content on the 25th of each month (Ex. Receive February content by Jan 25)
Send me the content!

Annual Member

$470 (2 months free!)


  • Everything included in the monthly membership
  • Access to content on the 15th of each month (Ex. Receive February content by Jan 15)
  • *Price breakdown: $47 for ten months. Saves you $94!
I'm ALL in!
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